Facilitator(s):    David Hay
Date:    December 10, 2019
Time:    9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Cost:    No charge (includes lunch)

NOTE: An honorarium to support teacher attendance will be provided to the teacher at their school address. The request/invoice for the $300/teacher honorarium must be submitted by the school to Cybera within 90 days following completion of the Callysto training event. Requests received after 90 days will not be accepted.


Session Description
The ability to process information in an analytical way is becoming increasingly important, and educators are encouraged or expected to incorporate more coding and data analytics into their teaching.

We will explore Callysto’s free Python-based modules developed for teaching outcomes in the Alberta Program of Studies while fostering computational thinking and data analysis.

You will be able to investigate how to incorporate these into your teaching of various subjects and create or edit modules for other outcomes if you are interested.