Meet the Presenters

Lissa Davies
Lissa Davies (MEd) is a technology consultant with Edmonton Public Schools.
She is passionate about building capacity for staff in using technology for teaching and learning in all curriculum areas. Lissa believes that technology is a tool that can transform the way we educate, building student competencies in problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Her teaching background includes grades K-6, both regular and special needs, Teacher Librarianship and administration. Lissa's areas of focus include technology coaching, Leveled Literacy Instruction, Makerspaces, and Learning Commons Lead.

She also reviews books for the ASLC Litpicks, reads (a lot!), and enjoys her family. A life-long learner, Lissa is a maker: knitting, writing, building and creating. 
Nicole Lakusta
Nicole Lakusta is the Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator with Parkland School Division.
Over the past 20+ years, she has combined her knowledge and skills in technology integration with the implementation of curriculum, instruction and assessment. In her previous capacities as a teacher and an Assistant Principal, she facilitated and modelled the effective use of a variety of technologies to enhance learning and teaching. When not found hosting workshops, playing with technology, presenting sessions and F2F coaching, Nicole can be found court-side, on fields and in arenas cheering on her kids. 
Jessie Krefting
Jessie graduated with a BA in French and a minor in education in 2002 followed by a BEd (After Degree) in Elementary Education in 2004 from Concordia University of Alberta. Recently, Jessie completed her Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and wrote her final paper on second language teacher efficacy and its relationship to allotted instructional time. Jessie teaches French as a Second Language to grades 4 to 9 at the newest school in Spruce Grove. She is also a mom of three and is an avid believer in incorporating technology and a centre-based approach into her teaching.
Danielle Dallaire
Enseignante francophone depuis plus de dix ans ayant enseigné dans divers contextes français en Alberta au niveau élémentaire et secondaire. Passionné de l’apprentissage, je poursuis une deuxième maîtrise dans le domaine de la créativité, cette fois-ci en technologie et éducation avec une spécialisation en jeux et simulations à travers l'université de Boise. Passionnée par le développement du processus créatif de l'apprenant, soit chez l'enseignant ou l'élève, je recherche et mets en place des projets uniques qui encouragent l'intégration de la technologie de façon authentique. 
Francophone teacher for over ten years who has taught in various French contexts in Alberta at the elementary and secondary levels. Passionate for learning, I am currently completing a second master's degree in the field of creativity, this time in educational technology with a specialization in games and simulations through the University of Boise. Passionate about developing the learner's creative process, either at the teacher or student level, I research and implement unique projects that encourage authentic integration of technology in the classroom.

Tony Cannon
Tony Cannon is a junior high teacher at Dan Knott School in Edmonton. After completing his Bachelor of Education at the University of Victoria, Tony worked in schools in British Columbia and Australia before moving to Edmonton. Tony’s areas of focus have included teaching mathematics, physical education, and technology. Some of his other interests include mountain biking, cycling, climbing, geocaching, sailing, and rugby.
Michelle Killoran Langlois
Mickey has been the computing science, computer networking, and business teacher at Bev Facey Community High School since 2016. Prior to that, she worked in London, England developing content and curriculum for computing science programs in the Barking & Dagenham Borough. In all of the CTF programs, her focus is on problem-solving and real-world experience. As IT has moved to be outsourced, and cybersecurity is becoming the in-demand job for the digital future of Canada, Bev Facey has developed a premier Cyber Security program. Regularly receiving accolades within the top 10 National teams in competition with extracurricular teams, cybersecurity has also become the lens through which her students learn problem-solving, collaboration, and grace under pressure.
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang started the Computing Science program at Lillian Osborne High School two years ago. He teaches the majority of the Computing Science classes using Raspberry Pi computers and collaborates with the Robotics program, which uses Arduino microprocessors. Next year, Michael will be offering Computing Science IB at the Higher Level and has grown the program to 14 Computing Science classes for the 2019/2020 year. 
Michael is also a Google Certified Trainer, publishing Teaching with Google Classroom in 2016 and speaks at numerous Teacher's conventions throughout Alberta. 
Nadine Snyman
Nadine is a junior high science and leadership teacher at Dan Knott School. She enjoys incorporating hands-on learning experiences for her students in her classes which often leads her to incorporate new technologies in her classroom. Nadine enjoys investigating new ways to capture her students' attention with real-life examples of science in action.
Scott Couprie
Scott Couprie has won a Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence for his innovations in teaching computer science and his leadership in PD for teachers. He has built full-time Computing Science teaching programs at 3 schools and was the inaugural President of the Alberta chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association. He has taught Computing Science at the Junior High and High School Level and even had a brief stint teaching computer concepts to grade 2 and 5 students.
Jason Leboeuf
Scratch ( is a free, online coding platform with a worldwide support network of educators. Jason Leboeuf incorporates Scratch lessons into his junior high Robotics, Discovery, and Math classes where problem-solving is the norm in his classroom and student engagement is high. He has introduced Scratch to students from Grades 2-9 with great success and discovered cross-curricular applications for it, too. 
Zachary Friggstad
Zac Friggstad is an assistant professor of Computing Science at the University of Alberta where he teaches a course on both extremes of the spectrum: from an introductory programming course to graduate-level algorithms courses. Zac also enjoys competitive programming. Formerly a contestant who earned a bronze medal in the 2005 World Finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition, he now facilitates the competitive programming club at the U of A and organizes an annual programming competition that is open to both undergraduate and grade school students.
Steve Reiter 
Steve is an industry-based developer who has worked in organizations of all sizes and stages, from startups to established corporations. Over his career, he has worked in positions from entry-level helpdesk to systems administration to operations, development and now security operations. He completed a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology from NAIT in 2004 and a Bachelor of Science with specialization in Computing Science from the University of Alberta in 2010.
Heather Tjeerdsma
Heather grew up in the age of Commodore 64's and Vic 20's, which is where she first discovered programming.  She has 15 years experience in the industry.  She has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Computing Science from Trent University. 
Currently, she is working as a front end developer at Dotdash. Dotdash is among the fastest-growing publishers online and reaches over 91MM unique visitors a month.  She has a passion for increasing diversity in her field and a desire to see computer science accessible to all students.