You Are Invited
The Computational Thinking Summer Conference (2019) is a professional development opportunity for stakeholders in Computer Science education in the Edmonton area. We will be discussing how to integrate various platforms into lessons, as well as providing opportunities to network with other stakeholders in Computer Science education in the Edmonton area.
Sessions are designed primarily with Divisions II through IV in mind. While some sessions are targeted to a specific audience, teachers are welcome to attend as many sessions as they feel are valuable. All are taught by active teachers, professors or industry professionals.
Div IV
High School teachers both new and experienced will benefit from sessions designed to build community and encourage sharing of resources and ideas.
Div II and III:
Worried about the new computational thinking essential understandings? This is the conference for you. Not only will you be able to form a better understanding of these understandings, but you will get hands-on applicable (and usually fun) ways to implement this in your classroom! the best part is you will meet like-minded teachers to support you throughout the year.
Now Offering French focused sessions! August 21st will have a full day of French including a roundtable and community introduction, resource sharing, robotics session, and Scratch sessions! 
Coffee and Lunch will be provided on the 21st and 22nd as part of your registration fee.
Optional Friday
Friday's sessions will be primarily designed to allow for collaborative planning. If you do not want to spend one of your last August Fridays in school, we understand completely!
Register and join us!