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November 2021
Sat. November 20th |
Ignite My Future TECHademy (Canada) 
On November 20th, from 9:30 am – 11:30 am CT, Ignite My Future in School, one of TCS’s pioneering STEM programs, is offering a virtual, no-cost professional development opportunity for Canadian educators. This immersive 2.5 hour training will share best practices on engaging students in computational thinking across all core subjects. Register Here
Attendees will receive:
· No cost transdisciplinary lessons, aligned to Canadian expectations and UN SDGs
·Grab and go lessons that can be immediately implemented in a virtual setting and,
· A digital swag bag with free premium tools and an official Certificate of Participation upon completion of survey at the end of the TECHademy.
Thurs. November 25th (6-7PM) 
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to hear from employers, virtually connect with industry professionals and learn about our ICT program and potential internship opportunities overall.
Please see the attached for the event poster(s). Students can complete registration using the QR code on the poster or visit the following link: With the event being a little over a week away, we would really appreciate your support in helping us spread the word to students! Feel free to share the poster on your social media channels, Google Classroom, or around the school. For all other upcoming events, please visit our website:
Introducing our Executive for this year:
Janice Parsons - President
I am teaching CS 10-30 regular and AP at Jasper Place High School. I am running clubs for Robotics, Cybersecurity and Competitive Programming. I have my finger in the E-Sports world by allowing a club/team to run out of my lab.
Shelley Gramlich - I am a teacher in Blackgold, at Thorsby High School.  I have been teaching some form of CS since 2000. I began under the Information Processing umbrella, teaching Visual Basic, HTML and C++ but as the program evolved, I moved to Java and now some Python. My school is small, so I get to teach coding to junior high students along with the high school groups.
Colin Veldkamp - Most recently, I have been teaching Computing Science at Harry Ainlay High School. He is known for Gaming Library/ Self-Paced Classroom.
Margaret-Ruth Jones - (we'll catch up with her next newsletter)
James Chow - I am a teacher of Computer Science 10-30 at Western Canada High School in Calgary.  I have a background in Engineering and love problem based programming in C++, JAVA, and Python.  I am also an item writer for the University of Waterloo's Canadian Computing Competition (Junior Competition).
Maria Cutumisu - I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, at the University of Alberta in the area of Measurement, Evaluation, and Data Science and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta.

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