Posted by CSTA
January 25th, 2019
Edmonton Symposium - UofA
Meeting minutes can be found in the shared resources folder.
On January 25th, the Edmonton Area group held our semi-annual symposium.  We began with breakfast and networking which led into our roundtable introductions. For further details on what was discussed throughout the day, please see the meeting minutes in the shared resource folder.
Some Highlights:
  • Mark Mercer gave a report on upcoming PD opportunities
  • Mickey Killoran suggested some useful Facebook groups for CS teachers
  • Janice Parsons updated us on the CSTAAB chapter business
  • Calin Anton (MacEwan) and Ryan Hayward (UAlberta) discussed program information and outreach activities
  • Community news was shared including Corbett's sucess running eSports for EPSB