This is the public-facing resource page for any teachers or families who need access to CS learning resources during the COVID school closures. 
Note for teachers, depending on how the next couple of days go and what is expected, teacher-created work that is open to being shared will be posted in a members-only section so answer keys, etc can be included. My initial focus is on programs offered in other places as many of these classes have already transitioned to other learning models and have some resources available. CSA will have the most as it is what I teach. Please send me other resources you would like to share. Our normal resources are still available for members who are logged in under the resources section at the top of the page.
Our kids have a lot going on in their lives right now, much of which is more important than whether or not they know where a semicolon goes. Something to keep in mind.
- Mickey (March 15, 2020)
K to 12
#MNCODES Educator Training's Collaborative list of K12 Computer Science Education Distance Learning Resources seems to be a very thorough and growing resource for all grade levels. You can add to it if you think of other things.
Arkansas has created a similar list of resources which seems to have more content at the time I looked.
Jr High/High School
Off-line printable
Online Full Course Materials
Practice Questions
Teacher Created Video Series
Off-line printable
Online Full Course Materials
  • See the below section for general coding programs that may align with what you are doing.
I'm reaching out to IB teachers.
Other Resources
Online Full Course
Printable Materials
  • KS3 Poems and Riddles - Key Stage three is basically div 3 in the UK
  • See above for full AP CSA and CSP printable resources
Video Series Created by Teachers
Practice Questions
  • (Java and Python)
  • - I know they are offering free licensing to schools in the States that are closed by COVID but I haven't had the chance to follow up about Canada.
Remote Learning Resources