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If you teach Grades 5-12 students in Canada, Callysto wants to help fund your classroom activities related to computational thinking and coding. For example, you could submit a proposal to cover the cost of developing curriculum resources that feature Jupyter Notebooks (for students, or current/pre-service teachers), or for hosting a coding workshop or student hackathon (e.g. to cover the cost of the venue, catering, or support staff).

Haven’t heard of Callysto? It’s a free, interactive, curriculum-based learning and skills development tool; think “interactive textbook.” Computational thinking is becoming a requirement for the workers of tomorrow — our goal is to give students a head start.
Canada’s Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), in partnership with Calgary Economic Development and the Alberta Ministry of Labour and Immigration, has announced the completion of its study, Enabling a Digital Future for Alberta.
This project was announced in late June of 2018, and the report has just been released!
January 25th, 2019
Edmonton Symposium - UofA
Meeting minutes can be found in the shared resources folder.
Mar 01, 2019
SIC Hackathon: CS Pitches is a collaborative hackathon between undergraduate students with programming skills and high school computing science teachers in Edmonton. Four teachers pitched projects and 15-18 University students responded with solutions. By the end of the day, 8 projects were completed and added to DevOut GitHub.
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Jan 24, 2020
University of Alberta
Mar 21, 2020
University of Alberta